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Delicious Corruption

New Years Resolution.....must write a blog.  So here goes:.....

My favourite Mr Champers, always on time, walked through my front door carrying a bottle of my favorite Veuve Clicquot, a cheeky smile and a poorly disguised bulge in his trousers.  Not wanting to rush, I took his coat and poured us each a delcious glass of bubbles and we sat on the settee talking about all the naughty things we would like to do to each other.   When I felt that the zip on his trousers could hold out no longer I decided it was time to corrupt him thoroughly. 

Knowing Mr Champers loves his bubbles, I ran a hot and steamy shower soaping him all over and paying special attention to his now throbbing cock and his balls, as I told him that they needed special cleaning.  Unable to resist I stroked him gently but paid special attention to make sure he did not explode until I felt the time was right. 

Leaving the shower, he followed me into my bedroom where I decided to corrupt him further.  He unbuttoned my blouse, rubbing his big, sexy hands over my large breasts and slowly we sunk onto the bed kissing.  By now his hands were all over my tight body and running up and down my silky smooth thighs.  I asked if had ever been blindfolded before he said “no, never”.  Well, it was all too tempting and the champagne bubbles had now gone straight to my head and before I knew it I had him tied to my bed and blindfolded.

I slowly kissed his neck on both sides and went down to the navel area and slowly kissed till I reached his throbbing piece.  Filling my mouth with champagne, I took him into my fizz-filled mouth and felt him squirm with delight and ecstasy. I licked all the spilled champagne from his balls and then worked my lips and tongue up and down until, to his delight,  he exploded down my throat in the wildest orgasm of his life.

We finished the champagne, he kissed me adieu and walked off to work. A happy start to the day for both of us.

Charlotte xxxxx