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English MILF Escort London

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Miami Noir
20th January 2022

I lament, gentle lover, you've unlocked me with my own key.-Erotic Thai proverb. The assassin Charlotte entered the deserted warehouse slowly, the clicking of her stiletto heels on rough concrete beating time like a ticking clock. Dressed in a sensual but low key grey trench coat, cut fashionably to the top of her thigh and form fitting, it wra ...
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Delicious Trio
22nd September 2019

I was invited by a gentleman and a lady companion to a splendid 5-star hotel in the heart of Mayfair, for a little rendezvous. I was wearing my killer heels with a beautiful lingerie set, which I knew, would appeal to both male and female and of course my bosom was busting out over my bra with maximum cleavage visibility. I knocked on the door nerv ...
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Dinner Date...(the real Taxi)
25th September 2018

The wipers hummed as my taxi whisked through the streets of Central London, shop lights blurred by the rain streaking down my window. I looked down at my Louboutins and thought back to how I agonized over tonight"s outfit. Back in my Marylebone flat, my bed had been covered with dresses, going through them all I knew which one would le ...
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An adventure at Club 'Fun 4 Two'
30th November 2017

Well, what an unforgettable weekend!I had arranged to meet up with Mr B and his wife at Schipol airport and I was as excited as I imagined they were as I flew over from Gatwick. My bag was packed with as many of my naughty 'toys' as I could cram into my cabin baggage and I had seen a distinct smile cross the face of the security officer at the airp ...
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Delicious Corruption
18th January 2016

New Years Resolution.....must write a blog.  So here goes:.....My favourite Mr Champers, always on time, walked through my front door carrying a bottle of my favorite Veuve Clicquot, a cheeky smile and a poorly disguised bulge in his trousers.  Not wanting to rush, I took his coat and poured us each a delcious glass of bubbles and we sat ...
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