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Dinner Date...(the real Taxi)

The wipers hummed as my taxi whisked through the streets of Central London, shop lights blurred by the rain streaking down my window. I looked down at my Louboutins and thought back to how I agonized over tonight"s outfit. Back in my Marylebone flat, my bed had been covered with dresses, going through them all I knew which one would leave him speechless. Stopped at the lights I adjusted myself, pulling the little black dress down over my soft tanned thighs.

The taxi began to slow down as it approached the restaurant. Eager to please he had reserved us an intimate table at my favourite restaurant on Park Lane. Guests were milling about the entrance; I quickly text "Pulling up in the taxi". From the crowd a tall, dark haired man strode over. Umbrella up, he opened the taxi door, "Charlotte?" I nodded as he began paying my driver, "Busty Charlotte?!" he whispered, eyes dropping to my cleavage, his mouth fixed in a smile.

Shaking the rain off his umbrella at the entrance he turned,

"I thought we would start with cocktails in the bar. There is no reason to rush this evening." His eyes scanned me from head to toe, momentarily losing his concentration. My bust peeking out of my dress, subtly covered, hugging my curves, leaving nothing and everything to the imagination. Opening the door, he guided me through; a confident hand in the small of my bank we headed to our table.

"Kir Royale please", placing the menu down. "So how did you find my number?" Blushing, he looked away, breathing a little heavier he met my gaze again, "I am actually a follower of Busty Charlotte"s Twitter account."
"Yeh, I have followed you for a while, I only just plucked up the courage to call." Leaning in as our waitress approached,

"I am glad you did"

Sipping our drinks,

"So why now?"
"I wanted it to be right. I visit your website a lot, bustycharlotte.co.uk has made it in to my predictive text I visit so much! I knew how beautiful you are and also how special you deserve to be treated. I finally found the time to take you out somewhere fitting."
"Well I love it here. The food is amazing; so is the company."
Blushing he picked up his drink.

The MaƮtre d" tucked in my chair, handing us our menus,

"So what is your favourite thing on the site?"
Startled, he frantically scanned his menu, waiting for us to be alone. I smiled, seeing him squirm turned me on. Alone again,

"The gallery. Cliche I know, but the photos of you in that red lingerie. Your exquisite breasts cupped by the lace. Your curvy bum barely covered by the short, see-through, robe. It is why I had to arrange this."
"Does reality live up to fantasy?"
"Of course!" Proclaiming it a little too loud, the neighbouring table looking over. Hushed, "You are amazing. The moment I opened the taxi door I knew this was going to be the evening I hoped for. Marylebone"s finest."

I picked up my wine glass, a full bodied red, "Want to know my favourite bit of the site?"
"The phone chat. I love it when men call through with their fantasies." "I have always been too nervous. Contemplated setting it up a few times. What do guys call through with?"
"Well what is your fantasy?!"
"I have always wanted to do it in a hot tub, the foam of the bubbles hiding. The hotel I am staying at has jacuzzi tubs."
"Well when you call through I would greet you - Hello Busty Charlotte. You would let me know what you want to chat about."

Grinning I held his hand, drawing him in.
"So when are you back at your hotel. I have packed my bikini just need to book my cab. I will meet you at your room, you will need to guide us to the spa; I do hope you have trunks, I want to see those strong, muscular legs. I am getting hot just thinking about those thighs squeezing against me. You know how to take control. Mmmm, we can cuddle up in the hot tub, I can rub your thighs under the foam. Turn those bubbles right up, watch me grind on the jet. No one will know what we are up to, grasping that huge cock of yours. I remember it from last time, what a lucky girl I am. Guys like you do not come along often. Big strokes under the foam. Nuzzling your neck as I work that dick. You are rubbing my clit, hear me moan as I pant in your ear. Faster and faster, can you keep your cool?"

His grip of my hand tightening as I let it out a soft moan. Seeing the waiter coming over I let go, leaned back in my chair and left him to make sense of what just happened.
"Any desserts?"
"We are going to skip it thank you," he replied, his gaze never leaving mine, "we need to get back."

Snuggling up to him in the back of the black cab, we raced through Central London. His strong arms wrapped around my shoulders, I placed my hand above his knee. Looking up at him I smiled, as my fingers walked up his inner thigh, pausing halfway I squeezed gently. His grip on me tightened again, pulling me closer.

I could feel the tip through his trousers, cupping it, I kissed his neck. Slowly I unzipped him, reaching in, I looked him in the eyes, a faint nod, I took him out.

Wrapping my hand around it, I gave it a big stroke, then another, nibbling his ear I started to pump him, feeling him grow with each motion. Fully erect, I shuck his arm lose, giving me room to back up on the seat. Lowering my head I blew against his, watching it dance. Running my tongue around his tip, feeling for where he was sensitive.

Shifting in his seat, trying to stifle his excitement, my head bobbed in his lap. His throbbing cock hitting the back of my throat. I could not contain myself, faster and faster, sloppier, my mouth clasped around him I thrust him deep, holding him as my tongue licked his balls.

I pulled my dress up and slide on to his lap. With a gasp he slipped in. My mind raced as I tried to comprehend the size, full, he began thrusting, pressing hard up against my g-spot. Vision blurring I felt his powerful hand wrap my mouth, softly he breathed "shhhhhh". His other arm wrapped tightly around my waist, his hand squeezing my bust, pulling me into him. Harder and deeper I moaned into his hand, the taxi a blur.

Wetter and wetter, his cock picking up pace, I felt him pulse, big long twitches inside. Moving back to my seat, he brought me close, the taxi stopped.

"How about the bath?". He grinned.