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Delicious Trio

I was invited by a gentleman and a lady companion to a splendid 5-star hotel in the heart of Mayfair, for a little rendezvous. I was wearing my killer heels with a beautiful lingerie set, which I knew, would appeal to both male and female and of course my bosom was busting out over my bra with maximum cleavage visibility. I knocked on the door nervously but excited at the same time to reveal my fantasy as the door was opened and the beautiful couple revealed themselves in bathrobes, fresh out of a hot bath. I walked in, an envelope was handed to me with a glass of champagne but it was hard not stare at either one of them for I knew I was in for a delicious treatÂ…after a few sips of Champagne, to heighten the sense of anticipation, I slowly peeled of my skimpy dress to reveal my lingerie.

Within moments I had two pair of hands caressing my body and they were clearly very excited by the touch of my body as evidenced by his hard erection and her hard nipples. Very soon, with the aid of liberal splashes of lubrication, he was sliding his cock between my tits as she watched and played with my pussy as well as her own. I thought they were both going to come and so I gently squeezed the end of his cock to calm him a little and then sat astride him to take his rock hard manhood into me. The sensation was delicious, made more so by her running her fingers over me and teasing my ass while still caressing herself into an orgasm.

So well-tuned were they that I felt them both orgasm at the same time.

We settled into a calm and peaceful lull. Soon, they were kissing passionately while I quietly dressed myself, kissed them both goodbye and slid from the hotel just as she was mounting him for a re-run of our passion.

I wonder now how long they were at it after I had left into the warm glow of a London summer's afternoon.