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An adventure at Club Fun 4 Two

Well, what an unforgettable weekend!

I had arranged to meet up with Mr B and his wife at Schipol airport and I was as excited as I imagined they were as I flew over from Gatwick. My bag was packed with as many of my naughty 'toys' as I could cram into my cabin baggage and I had seen a distinct smile cross the face of the security officer at the airport who ever so politely told me he needed to check my bag ('random'? – Oh yeah!) and I was sure I could see a bulge developing in his trousers as he gently and so professionally checked my bag, The little glances in my direction I met with one of my naughty, coquettish smiles and I am sure I gave him something to wank about, as he needed to slip away after checking me.

So, with a bounce in my step I boarded the plane and started to chat up a gorgeous flight attendant whose breasts were trying their best to burst out of her uniform. I was beginning to regret that this was not an overnight flight as she and I could have so much fun… Anyhow, the flight was soon over and I met up with Mr B and his deliciously gorgeous wife, Chloe, who oozed sexuality and seemed as excited as I was at our little adventure.

As I was accustomed to this trip, we were soon in the car I had booked, driving to Rotterdam and our little hotel room, so we could freshen up before going to Fun 4 Two. As Chloe was taking a shower, I felt that this was the time to tease Mr B so, I went into the steamy bathroom, leaving the door open so he could see, and slowly started to undress in full view of them both. Then I entered the shower and told Chloe that I felt that she needed help with the soap. I then started to slide my soapy hands all over her delicious body. By now, her nipples were as hard as cherries and that wasn't the only thing hard as Mr B thought he could come and join us – I firmly told him to get out of the shower and get dressed. His time would come, but not yet. This was my time with Chloe. By now, I was gently rubbing her clitoris and kissing her nipples and she began squirming and moaning until she came with a shudder, quickly repeated by another and another. She was soon kneeling on the soapy floor of the shower with water cascading over her shoulders as she licked me so beautifully that I too had a few orgasms. Temporarily satisfied, we joined a rather flustered and frustrated Mr B, slipped into our skimpy cocktail dresses and led him out to the waiting taxi.

The taxi driver knew exactly where we were going and although he pretended to behave as though we were just going to the zoo, I caught him looking in his rear-view mirror at us two girls with a smirk and, I think, not a little envy.

Fun 4 Two is a lovely little complex of buildings in the Rotterdam countryside, surrounded by ornamental gardens and unless you knew…well…you wouldn’t know that it is the most famous sex/orgy club in Europe.

On entering, I flashed my membership card and signed in my guests. Friendly, charming and, of course, gorgeous girls welcomed us and recognized me as a regular member. I took my guests into the main dining room and first had a delicious Bellini at the bar before tucking into the amazing buffet.

"But when does it all start?" said Mr B. "Patience" says I "Just be patient" I could tell that the repressed excitement induced by my frolic with Chloe in the shower was taking its toll on poor Mr B – Just as I had planned.

After dinner, we had a few more drinks and then the DJ started up and I just had to have a fling on the pole on the dance floor. Other girls joined me and soon we were getting cheers and applause from the surrounding partygoers. I flirted outrageously with a few gorgeous men who I secretly noted to check out later. Eventually, the DJ went into his signature song 'Get your clothes off…' and I took my guests to the changing rooms to leave our clothes in the lockers and we were down to panties and no more.

Back to the dance floor for some more dancing, which was now much more body contact and Mr B was not the only man to have a huge bulge in his pants for all to see. Chloe was loving every moment and getting a considerable amount of attention herself. But there was no shortage of lovely ladies to amuse Mr B who, for a while, I thought had forgotten how to speak – mind you, with his mouth hanging open so much he probably couldn't. However, I danced with him for a while and stroked his hard cock regularly, but not enough to make him come. There was so much more to enjoy before that.

After about twenty minutes of dancing, we went to the communal Jacuzzi where about fifteen others were enjoying the water and there was not a soft cock in the pool. Mind you, I did point out to Mr B the notice that sex was not permitted in the pool – I presume for hygiene reasons but he, again, looked crestfallen – not that this affected his stiffie which was now determined to stay erect, much to Chloe’s amusement who, like me, was making him wait for his satisfaction.

After ten minutes in the pool, we dried off and went upstairs to the Leopard room, one of many with subdued coloured lighting and mood music. There were already about twenty people in this room, writhing and fucking, sucking and licking, swapping partners or doubling up. One petite oriental girl was absolutely loving double penetration and screaming ecstatically. Mr B's eyes were almost out on stalks at this point – as well as his cock that seemed to have grown an extra two inches. So, Chloe and I went down on him as he was stroking the breasts of the young oriental girl who by now had the two Dutch lads fucking her ass while she had another man's cock in her mouth. Wow, I thought, she is really going for it! Knowing Mr B’s ability to cum several times in one night, I decided that we would let him cum so we worked on his cock and balls and I gently played with his ass. Well, as I guessed, he came in no time at all but, also as expected, he was hard again in moments as he was watching a gorgeous girl over in the corner being gang-banged by about ten men as their partners were all going down on each other in a melee of naked flesh.

'Time to move on' I thought 'and so many other erotic rooms to explore.'

Along a narrow corridor where one just could not help rubbing breasts with passing girls or erect cocks. I paused by the BDSM room and watched a man in a gas-mask having his backside being spanked with a table tennis bat whilst another was in chains being tickled with overlarge feathers…'I wonder… No, maybe not for Mr & Mrs B, but maybe another time with Chris…yes, must plan that one' so, onward to another little room, which you have to crawl into, like a dog kennel. About six couples in here and I chose a pretty girl with small tits to wank Mr B while I went down again on Chloe. She was enjoying herself with her eyes closed and I told her to open her eyes and look up to see the faces looking in through the little portholes near the ceiling. At first, she was taken aback until she noticed that each face was connected to cocks sticking through holes – a mega glory hole room. Chloe immediately jumped up and grabbed two cocks while gobbling another in her mouth and started slurping and licking while wanking the other two. She was like a child in a sweet shop, too much choice, sucking one and then another until one man came strongly in her mouth, which she swallowed greedily and then seemed to set herself a target to make every one of them cum. As she brought another to climax, the cock in her right hand exploded with cum and shot all over her shoulder and gorgeous, ample breasts, which she tried to lick off – missing some, I helped her and cleaned her up with my tongue. As soon as one cock would go another appeared and I thought that it was time to move on, especially as Mr B had been fucking the pretty girl doggy style while watching his wife and he had now cum again and was clearly keen to see more of this glorious, decadent cave of delights.

The next room was playing a little quiet Mozart and here there were various pieces of gymnastic equipment, a gynaecologist's chair and a padded, low-slung trapeze. All, I may say, being used for purposes for which they were not intended! Suffice to say, there was a lot of fucking going on. This time, Mr B was content to lean against the wall and stroke his already stiffening cock. I noticed one of the handsome German boys I had seen on the dance floor who had just finished fucking an athletic looking girl on the trapeze and showing no signs of tiring and with a cock most girls (and some boys) just dream about, so, I jumped on the trapeze and told him to fuck me hard. He didn't need asking twice and both of us were soon swaying to and fro with a glorious motion, which rammed his cock so deep into me that I felt I would explode with pleasure. Mr B by this time had put Chloe on the low-slung vaulting horse and was fucking her ass like a teenager – ready to burst again, which he duly did.

Ten minutes later we staggered out of that room and my legs could hardly carry me. So, we went up a small flight of stairs to a dark attic room. In the quiet, pitch dark we were aware of a vast, long space with a low ceiling and countless writhing moaning forms. We found a space and soon were caressing each other and anyone else nearby, I reached around and found a cock which I stroked and then another. Then I was aware of a girl kissing me, another mouth sucking my pussy. I lost count of the number of anonymous hidden people I was touching, kissing, sucking and fucking but the pleasure went on and on and on until I completely lost track of time and drifted away into a half-dream of sensual pleasure. I certainly lost track of the number of orgasms I had, they all seemed to blend into each other in one exquisite stream of fulfilling indulgence.

I must have dozed off for I recall Chloe stroking my breasts and saying that we ought to go back to the bar as Mr B was complaining that his balls were aching. Apparently he had fucked so many girls and come twice more, which she said was a record for him!

So we walked back past the rooms, some we had not even tried (this time) past the by now less frenetic and more sensual fucking and sucking and enjoying the heady aroma of sweat, sex and semen until we sank once more into the Jacuzzi, after a shower to clean off. Noticeably fewer erections by now and everyone with a contented look of satisfaction on their faces.

Talk in the bar was remarkably mundane but we chatted to pleasant but normal people about their countries and work, their holiday plans and the weather and then our taxi was waiting and we dozed off on the way to the hotel.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, I had perked up, as had Chloe. Mr B, however, was asleep on his feet. So we tucked him up and then I looked at Chloe… do you remember that bag of toys I told you about……?